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Quit Your Way...

Nicotine Inhaler

You are just over 2 times more likely to quit successfully if you use the nicotine inhaler*

What the nicotine inhaler does for you
When a nicotine craving hits, you can take a few puffs on the nicotine inhaler to get a quick hit of nicotine If you miss holding a cigarette certain times, you can hold the nicotine inhaler instead. It's good for smokers who miss the hand-to-mouth action.
Note: You can't drink acidic drinks (like coffee, juice or pop) 15 minutes before or after using the nicotine inhaler.

How to use it
Take short or long puffs though the mouthpiece until you feel satisfied or the cartridge is used up. (It takes about 20 minutes of active puffing to use up a cartridge.)

Regular smokers typically start off using 6-12 cartridges a day. The goal is to gradually reduce how much you use.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist how to effectively use the nicotine inhaler.

Where to get it
The nicotine inhaler is available without a prescription. Buy it at drug stores.

What they cost
The cost is about $27 for 30 cartridges.

*Compared to placebo treatment – where the person isn't getting the real quit aid, even though they think they are getting it. Fiore, MC. et al. (2008). Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update. Clinical Practice Guideline. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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