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Quit Your Way...

Nicotine Patch

You are almost 2 times more likely to quit successfully if you use the nicotine patch*

What the nicotine patch does for you
Wearing a patch helps take the edge off of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It helps wean you off of nicotine (the ingredient that keeps smokers hooked). No worries, the nicotine patch does not cause cancer – all the other chemicals in cigarettes do!

How to use it
Wear it like a band-aid, and put a new one on every day. Put it in a different spot to avoid a rash!

The patch is sold in three doses 21mg (Step One), 14mg (Step Two), 7mg (Step Three). Depending upon how much you smoke, usually you start at a higher dose, and work your way down. Ask a doctor or pharmacist to help you figure out which dose you should start at.

Where to get it
The nicotine patch is available without a prescription, and is sold in drug stores. (Check with your campus health clinic for free samples.)

In Ontario, there's a study looking at the effectiveness of giving smokers 5-weeks of free patches. Visit: to see if you are eligible for the study.

What it costs
A 1-week supply costs about $35. Daily, the patch costs about $4-$5.

Trying to save money by using less than recommended?
Don't do it! For a successful quit, it's important to take the recommended dose for the length of time instructed by the doctor/pharmacist/package instructions**.

* Compared to placebo treatment – where the person isn't getting the real quit aid, even though they think they are getting it. Fiore, MC. et al. (2008). Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update. Clinical Practice Guideline. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

** Shiffman, S. (2007). Use of more nicotine lozenges leads to better success in quitting. Addiction, 102, 809-814.

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